A safe container to Awaken your Divine Feminine nature...


This is Awaken...

An intimate gathering to integrate and heal; a space to reconnect with the deepest part of yourself; sacred time away from daily responsibilities and distractions; and an opportunity to align with your highest self. We welcome you with open arms.


Come and weave a thread of sisterhood...

When women gather with sacred intention and create genuine connection, a ripple effect is felt within the entire web. Come and weave a thread of sisterhood, awaken ancient ancestral knowledge, and ignite your Soul.


Manifest your dreams into Being...

Our intention is to provide you with a deeply profound and transformational experience that will allow you to cultivate your intentions and manifest your dreams into Being. This is the catalyst for the emergence of your Queendom. A time to share your unique gifts and Awaken the masterpiece that is you.


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Immerse yourself in a 3-day weekend of laughter, yoga, meditation, music, and movement.

 A ceremonial retreat infused with joy, bliss, and everlasting connection that will leave you feeling deeply refreshed and renewed. 

Awaken - A Sacred Women's Retreat