2019 Lineup...

Johanna Beekman - Live Kirtan


Johanna Beekman (RYT-500) is a multi-genre recording artist, songstress, and kirtan artist who is loved for her rich, soulful voice, her radiant spirit, and her inspiring songs and chants that tap deep into the collective soul. She sings and teaches at leading festivals and studios across the country. Johanna’s albums have been nominated in conscious music awards and included in White Swan Records’ Best Yoga Music of the Year. She created Lullaby Yoga™ to create deep relaxation through restorative poses and heart-opening music. She also founded Shakti United!, a “spiritual Lilith Fair” which empowers the female voice and celebrates the Divine Feminine, and supports girls’ education through Mitrata Nepal.


Saturday 9:00pm-11:00pm

Zahira - Live Music


Zahira is a cultured renaissance woman whose pure, powerful, and resonant voice has received rave reviews from fans and critics around the world. Her success as an internationally known vocalist, songwriter, and musician inspires people to be strong and positive, and she faces life every day with a special energy that lights up each stage she performs on. Zahira’s original music combines elements of Soul, Dub, Reggae, World, Hip-Hop and EDM. She can be seen performingwith her full band, electro-ensemble, acoustic or as a guest with artists: Indubious, Sol Seed, Rocker-T, Jah Levi, Mikey Pauker and more. With a style and tone described as a blend of vocalists such as Lauryn Hill, Madonna, and Erykah Badu..


Friday 9:00pm-10:00pm

Kjersten Hallin - Live Music & Song Circles


Acoustic looping songtress offering "soulful, earth-minded music" & intricately prayerful and playful original songs exalting our beautiful planet. Kjersten's shows are multi-instrumental with acoustic guitar, ukulele, kalimba, flutes, percussion of all kinds, found sounds and vocal layering. She includes song-circle style sing-alongs that invite community connection. Her lyrical anthems are deeply rooted, reverent, funky, and cosmic. Kjersten's grooves also provide a mesmerizing landscape for yoga practice and meditative journeys. Her next-level lyrical songs are elaborately crafted, thought-provoking and consciousness expanding, celebrating our deep connection to the Earth and Stars.


Friday 10:15pm-11:45am

Amy Clem - Sonic Journey, Kundalini Yoga, & Healing Village


Amy Clem became a Registered Yoga Teacher in 2014. This life-changing, spiritually focused training inspires Amy to create yoga classes that are holistic movement experiences. Drawing from both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga traditions, she incorporates elements of meditation, Ayurveda, Anatomy Trains, and sound healing. A true “all levels” flow, Amy’s classes are designed to invite healing on all levels - physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual. Amy is a professional dancer, aerialist, bodyworker, and lover of anything movement related. She holds a B.F.A. in Dance where her passion for kinesiology was born. Since 2000, she has studied natural healthcare and the healing arts throughout the U.S. and India, becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Certified Cranio-Sacral Therapist.


Saturday 7:00am-8:30am

Liberate your inner goddess with a traditional practice of Kundalini Kriya Yoga then deeply relax into an extended gong bath savasana.


Saturday 6:45pm-8:15pm

Enter the soul expanding space of Sonic Journey and let the healing waves of sound wash over you.  This immersive sound meditation experience inspires your mind to let go and your energy to flow freely.  Connect with your intuition, melt into meditation, experience dreamlike journeys, and enjoy the deep relaxation that sound healing offers.

Sonic Journey is a receptive experience - all you have to do is show up!  Bring an open heart, an open mind, and some warm layers or a blanket to keep yourself warm and snuggly.


*Chrysalis* Sacred Sound Healing 

Luxuriate in a personal sound bath, specifically composed to your unique needs. Rest, receive, and allow yourself to just BE in the present moment as waves of healing sound wash over you. Liberate your energies, rejuvenate your soul, and leave feeling refreshed and grounded. 

Soundscapes may include gongs, crystal singing bowls, elemental chimes, rattles, and ocean drums.

See Info > Healers for pricing.

Jaiaen Beck - Opening Ceremony & Energetic Hygiene Workshop


Jaiaen’s life has been shaped by tenaciously exploring the experiential nature of non-ordinary reality, with an enormous joy and enthusiasm for cross-cultural healing. She has been led to develop her strengths

wrapped around unveiling and integrating our shadows with ultimate kindness.

Full of Large Love for life on this planet and beyond, she carries a fire for harmony in diversity, seeing it much like an orchestra. Music, as a passionate spiritual path and life container, led her to Zimbabwe. There, through cultural immersion in Shona tribe traditions, and the osmosis of her medicine family, she became grounded in working with the ancestral spirits. This process gave her techniques to assist all of us in awakening and becoming more energetically sovereign. Carefully and not casually curious about ancient cosmologies, and compassionately driven to do her part to alleviate the suffering of the world, she founded a non-profit, Ancient Ways, in 1994. Ancient Ways, now in its 25th year, has provided basics to thousands of villagers in Zimbabwe. The current focus is providing monthly care supplies and mentoring to maturing girls, operating a

preschool started in 2002, and annually building rural wells for extended family residents. Jaiaen is certified in NMT and has also trained shamanically within the

context of FSS core shamanism, Andean, Amazonian, Norse, and Celtic medicine. She also gratefully recognizes her life teacher, an endearing Cherokee grandmother. She finds the foothills of the Cascades her home where she offers healing and classes, raises organic food and English Shepherds, and delights in the play of both music and



Opening Ceremony Collaboration

Friday 12:30pm-2:30pm


Friday 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Are you a caregiver? Your kids, your partner, your families, your friends, the work with which you’ve been called to bless us? How do we stay energetically sovereign when the focus is often pulled

to others and distracted by various forces? Developing our energetic hygiene skills is our salvation! Give yourself all the permission you need to take the time and pause. We are the landscapers of our

inscape. We are in charge of our innernet. We radiate the energy to protect and heal everything in our domain, but first and foremost, we must be free. Let’s talk!

Freedom Ciavarello - Cacao Cermony & Somatic Movement Meditation


"Freedom Ciavarello is a modern mystic, poet, teacher and intuitive healer for the Aquarian Age. She draws on wisdom traditions and her intuition to create connection, curate ceremonial space and cultivate courage. Freedom offers grounded feminine leadership for this profound time by transmitting high vibration meditations, teaching somatic movement and offering cacao ceremony. She gathers energetic intel from the seasons, her ancestral guides, plant medicines and intuitive senses. Freedom believes in sovereignty, reclaiming our Queendom and gentleness when it comes to living in this wild world. 

Stay connected to Free online with her mailing list at www.moonbeamdaydream.com or on Instagram at @freedomciavarello because she is always making up more magic."


Cacao Ceremony

Saturday 10:00am-11:30am

"Freedom will be offering cacao ceremony  as a catalyst for transformation and a swift super connector for every woman that attends. Cacao is a medicine for the heart and it's magic is truly the arc and apex of the divine feminine's mysterious intuitive healing." 

Somatic Movement 

Sunday 7:00am-8:30am

"The way in which we inhabit the body space sends a message to the quantum field of awareness either of unbridled trust or of feared consequence. We are in an age of Embodiment with the dawning of a new time. The reclamation of the body as a holy, sacred entity is the first step of many for womben towards self actualization in the Aquarian Age. Join Freedom for a unique exploration of the body thru somatic movement, breathwork, mudra, plant allyship and intention setting. "

"Cacao is medicine for the heart. It is healing for the cellular composition of humanness. A gift from Gaia. When crafted into a drink she becomes the blood of the earth entering the body to remind one of the reverence of being made and embodying the maker. The vessels are renewed and the sinews flood with inspiration as a rain comes to the desert(ed) parts of the body. This flood reins within and a thirst quenched from deep in the wildness of the insides of desire opens. Waking. Up." ~Freedom 

DJ Sheena Medicina - Ecstatic Dance


DJ Sheena Medicina (aka Christina Sasser) is a life-long dancer and creatress of Ecstatic Dance journeys following the 5 rhythms practice.  She cooks up fresh mixes of uplifting soundscapes with hints of cumbia, twerk, pop, psychedelic downtempo, tribal electronica, organic & world beats, with plenty of funk & throwback tracks and a good healthy dose of feminine medicine. 

Sunday 9:00pm-11:00pm

Hilary Heart - MahaShasta Healing Dome


 Hilary Heart is a holistic healer with a divinely inspired passion for life. Her offerings integrates wisdom teachings from around the world with her own spirit-guided intelligence. She holds a BA in Religious Studies, with an emphasis on Peace & Conflict studies, from Humboldt State University. Since being a teenager she has been a devoted student of holistic herbalism, studying with many wise womyn. Fractal Nectar is an outpouring of this cultivation and a special opportunity to receive evolutionary codes directly from Nature.  


**See "Info" > "What to Expect" for full details on MahaShasta Healing Dome.

Munay Sularis - MahaShasta Healing Dome


 Munay is a botanical dream weaver from the stars + a student of the earth.

She is a skin-tuitive, a beauty way-shower, an esthetician, breath work facilitator, and healing heart guide for others. Her master teachers have been the sacred Apus (mountains) that she has traversed around the world. Her greatest joy is to spark the flower of life in others and remind them of their innate beauty.  Munay’s new love-child, 

SULARIS EARTH ESSENCE, is an offering of luscious, wholistic skincare products,

inspired by her own healing journey, 

and birthed with the intentionality of bringing humanity back into pure relations with themselves + nature again. 

Nura Rachelle - Evolutionary Astrology


Nura Rachelle is an Evolutionary Astrologer, focused on Healing the Feminine and Returning to Sovereignty. In her readings and teachings, she is always guiding you back into yourself, back into the medicine of your own heart and Truth. Her purpose is to support in the process of awareness and integration of each being's Soul level intention in this life. Through reaching out to the cosmos, she has found that all paths lead back to the center of the Goddess, of our Earth. Nura ties in herbalism, yoga, and meditation practices to integrate the pieces of who we are, encouraging us to reclaim our authentic nature.

Workshop Description:


Friday 3:00pm-5:00pm

As we return to Goddess consciousness as a collective, we must integrate our life purpose for the sake of the Earth and All Our Relations. We've gifted ourselves a star-map to support our process of conscious evolution, healing, soul-integration and alignment. Join Nura to learn about your evolutionary intention through the lens of Pluto and the Lunar Nodes and the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm. Get to know the underlying soul foundation of your astrology chart and how to integrate the medicine of your own being for the sake of our planet.


Instagram: @moon.mystic

Shellece Swaford Millison - Sacred Dance


Shellece has been a Sacred Dance and Tribal Fusion Bellydance instructor for 20 years both nationally and internationally. She co-directed the award-winning Troupe Salamat  in Prescott, AZ from 1999-2008, and is a founding member of Wild Iris Tribe in Corvallis, OR. 

"By acknowledging ourselves as true vessels of divine energy, Priestesses at every level of dance experience can express themselves beautifully and authentically." ~Shellece

Description of Offerings:

Friday 3:00pm-4:30pm

Learn how to use the transforming power of the Sacred Feminine in movement and ritual. We will learn examples of sacred dances from several traditions and then focus on elements and patterns that can be used to bless, invoke, and consecrate in any setting. "The Divine Dancer is ready to manifest as YOU!" 


Sunday 1:00pm-2:30pm

An introduction to basic steps, movements, and signals borrowed from Middle Eastern traditions, re-imagined by West Coast Hippie Goddesses, that has now taken the world by storm. Dancers spark and play off of one another in a "follow the leader" (no choreography) format. Come and play!  

Sky Yeager - Shamanic Journey & MariEL Reiki


Sky's quest for self-empowerment and wholeness led her to study energy medicine and Reiki. This path connected her to her life's purpose of teaching and helping others. She began her shamanic training over a decade ago and now helps people find their own empowerment in working with their Spirit helpers. Sky teaches Introduction to Shamanic Practice; Usui Reiki; and MariEL Reiki. She also co-organizes the monthly Corvallis Shamanic Healing Circle. www.shamanicsoultending.com

Description Of Offerings:


Saturday 1:00pm-3:00pm

MariEL is a loving and dynamic feminine energy channeled by Ethel Lombardi, who was a student of Ms. Hawayo Takata’s in Usui Reiki. Every being has access to this energy and the innate inner knowing on how to use it for themselves. Sky will share the MariEL symbols with you along with a description of how to start using them for healing, releasing, protection, and much more. Experience shows that one does not have to be attuned to use the MariEL Symbols. However, if you feel a calling to enter into a deeper relationship with MariEL, receiving an attunement is available. Attunements also have the ability to accelerate the self-healing process.


Sunday 1:00pm-3:00pm

Create sacred space and experience a series of journeys with the intention to connect to helping spirits from the realms of animals, plants and nature beings. Bring a drum or rattle if you have one, but you do not need to have one to participate. A brief introduction will be given at the start for those that have never done a shamanic journey.

Erica Harms - Vata Ayurveda Workshop & Healing Village


 Erica graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences with a certificate as an Ayurvedic Practitioner in 2017. During this short period of time, she has opened offices in both Los Angeles, California and Oregon. She also writes a monthly column about Ayurveda; the Tea on Health; and conducts workshops at multiple locations in California and Oregon, introducing people to the medicine of Ayurveda.

Workshop Description: 


Sunday 1:00pm-3:00pm

Winter season is vata season. Vata is composed of air and ether, so heavier qualities that counter the dry, cold, light qualities of vata are encouraged. It is recommended to lubricate the inside and outside of the body during this season. Join Erica for a hands-on workshop that will introduce the body treatments of nasya (oiling the nose and face) and abhyanga (lymphatic drainage for the body).

Erica will also be offering one-on-one Ayurvedic consultations and treatments. See "Info" > "Healers" for descriptions and pricing.

Visit Erica's Website:


Tamara McDermott - The Sacred Unwinding


 Tamara McDermott is a Soul Mentor, Medicine Woman, Ceremonialist, and Ambassador of the Soul's Voice. She guides women, both in groups and individually, on an inward journey of deep listening to the voice of their own Soul.

Our lives are a journey, unfolding in every breath to reveal to us hidden jewels, beauty and love beyond the mind's comprehension. We are the only one in the way of living free and empowered, despite the state of the world around us. Freedom is found in the mind, in the heart, and it has been written in our Souls. It is our birthright. 

The Sacred Unwinding

Saturday 10:00am-11:30am

Guided meditation to amplify heart-womb coherence within. With breathwork, toning, journaling and presence, Tamara takes participants on an inward journey of love and awareness. 

"We are Souls, experiencing being human. We are Hearts learning unconditional love. We are Unwinding distortions, mistruths, wounds, patterns and programming to unveil  the light within each one of us." ♥  Tamara

Ashley Grandkoski, L.Ac., LMT- Healing Village


Ashley is a licensed massage therapist and acupuncturist who has been practicing bodywork for over a decade. She has a gentle, calming presence and a deeply intuitive touch that seeks to provide healing on all levels of being. In her sessions, she uses both deeply therapeutic Swedish styles of massage along with more subtle energetic techniques to affect the body on multiple levels. Her training as an acupuncturist has also deepened her ability to understand and treat through bodywork, acupuncture, and other modalities. She is very dedicated to natural health and sustainable living and carries her practice into everyday life through self-cultivation, nutrition, conscious mothering and dedication to community wellness. Ashley will be offering Swedish massage, Reiki, Acupressure, Acupuncture in the healing village. 

See "Info" > "Healers" for descriptions and pricing.

LMT #14110

L.Ac. #160695

Kelsey Elliott - Yoga


Kelsey has always been a seeker of light, love and growth. Since 2007, yoga has been the foundation of Kelsey's existence. After completing a Reiki Master training in 2012, she felt compelled to help others feel better with a preventative, holistic approach to their health.
Beginning with a youth focus, Kelsey completed a children's yoga teacher training in 2017 at Yoga Playgrounds in Portland, Oregon. One year later she completed her 200-hour training with Swastha Yoga International in Rapid City, South Dakota as well as another 200-hour training with Wild Thing Yoga in Bend, Oregon.  Kelsey's focus has been to become more mindful of her peers, space, and body...ditching the "convenient" lifestyle and shaping herself into the person she was meant to be. 


Saturday 7:00am-8:00am

Finding sthira (steadiness) and suhka (ease) within your body. We will be working on balance and flexibility at a slower pace. Helping you deepen and/or modify poses for your skill level. Come prepared to tune into your body and be swept away with beautifully supportive music offered by Kjersten Hallin.


Sunday 7:00am-8:30am

Yin yoga stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body. The aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility as the poses stretch and exercise the bone and joint areas. The yin practice provides an opportunity to observe, nurture, soothe, and calm ourselves, allowing self compassion to blossom.

Take one of Kelsey's yoga classes before the retreat at Pacific Yew Yoga in Albany, Oregon Monday's and Friday's at 4:00pm

Dana R. Wild - Crystal Keeper Workshop


Dana Robinson-Wild is a
Jewelry Designer;  Energy Worker;  and
Creator of “Crystal Keepers The Workshop”. Dana is a life long intuitive who's work is about healing our minds & leading with our hearts. Her work aims to realign our own energy to awaken and remember the High Self.  Dana will be teaching tools that she uses to enhance her own psychic abilities. Her goal is to simply empower you in your walk. Some of the tools she uses for this work include:
* Blue Light Energy
* Advanced Theta Healing
* All Love Reiki
* Usui Reiki
* Guided Meditation
* Crystals
* Dreaming

Join Dana Wild and hundreds of amazing crystals in her 2-part Crystal Keeper Workshop. 

Workshop Description:

 Through our Heart, we will learn to speak clearly with our High Self to access the truth of all things. Our focus will be our own Energy Body and Crystals, yet this practice is for working in tandem with all beings and elements. 

CRYSTAL KEEPERS - PART ONE Saturday 1:00pm-3:00pm

Part One will cover activating your energy body, speaking with your High Self & Guides through guided meditation. Dana will discuss communicating with Crystals, and teach Blue Light Clearing and Protection. Class limited to 21 women.


Sunday 1:00pm-3:00pm

Part two will cover incorporating Crystals, Crystal Grids, Herbs and Personal Power Symbols. Class limited to 21 women.

"I look forward to practicing with each of you!" ~Dana R. Wild

**Please bring a water bottle, snack, notebook, and blanket to sit on

Sefan Wilde - Ceremony


Friday evening Ceremony at Awaken will be guided by Sefana Wilde of "Wilde Balanza". Sefana's Soul Purpose is to walk the path of a Medicine Wombyn...ever learning & expanding in her journey along this sacred path. She is a gifted healer and wayshower, inspiring others to find their empowerment, wonder & magiK. She has been trained in the arts of Massage Therapy, Reiki/Energy Healing, Yoga/Dance, and Soul Retrieval/Inner Child Alchemy. She & her Si'star, Katsura Balanza, lead soul activating ceremonies for the greater community and tribe and it is their soul's work is to gather communities, bringing us into deeper connection with ourselves, each other and the cycles of nature. 

"We believe ceremonial experiences imprint us deeply, creating transformational shifts that are felt Presently as well as our Ancient-Future Selves. Our spirits are longing to remember the MagiK that we can Co-create! Interweaving our collective dreams of deep connection to the cycles of nature both within & without. Calling upon the Ancient & Timeless Ways as we weave this New Tapestry, deeply honoring all of the many Traditions & Pathways that are a part of our earthly experience. We recognize the longing & need within ourselves & our communities for sacred spaces where we can feel safe to connect with the land, each other and ourselves, so that we may heal our wounds & step into the remembrance of our own sacred light. To remember that we ARE connected to and part of Nature. It is a sacred mirror that moves in patterns and cycles that can help us to better understand our own nature. We use Ceremony to bring as much awareness and intention as we can to our gatherings"  

Sefana will also be offering the healing arts of Massage/Bodywork, Soul Guidance Sessions and Energy Healing throughout the retreat and you are welcome to approach her either online before the event or during the event to set up a session.   

www.moondancewellness.com www.wildebalanza.com www.facebook.com/SefanaWilde

Nikita Pushkareva - Tea Meditations & Dream Work


At the edge of a dark Russian forest stands a little wooden cabin. Here, the subconscious world meets the conscious. Spirits come out to play in shapes of salamanders, butterflies, and hedgehogs. It is a place where if you look at the full moon for a little too long, things start to creep out of the shadows and the wolves howl in excitement. Reality seeps into Dream-time and Dream-time seeps into reality. Guided by her great-grandmother, animals, plants, and magic, this is where Nikita learned

Since then, Nikita has been practicing dream-work, clairvoyant meditation, tea ceremony, and plant communication. The language of symbols and pictures is the one she feels fluent in. Some knowledge was passed down through the generations of wise-women in her family, and some picked up along the way from wise teachers and mentors. She continues to walk this path in service to the great Mystery and all of those curious and seeking.


Wild Tea of the Forrest

Friday 3:00pm -5:00pm

Drop in and connect with the medicine of the land directly through the plants all around you. We will be making an herbal brew (forrest-tea) and learning about some of the common plants in the area by sitting with them. *Bring a tea cup


Tea Meditations

Saturday 7:00am-8:30am

Sunday 7:00am-8:30am 

A moment to tune in with the magic of the Tea plant - Camelia Sinensis. She is a powerful healer, wise teacher, and a kind friend. May she whisper many secrets to you over this intimate encounter.

Dreamer, Awaken
Saturday 1:00pm-3:00pm
We spend so much of our life in dream-time, yet can you ever remember where you went and what you saw? 

Dreams are our one-on-one visit with the subconscious. So much information, wisdom, and guidance is communicated here. This workshop will offer techniques and tools for deciphering your dreams, navigating and working within the dream realm, as well as bringing those lessons into your daily life. Come venture into the mystery!

Caylan Wagar & Autumn Benton - Aromatherapy


Together Autumn Benton, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Caylan Wagar, intuitive Doterra aromatherapist, Holistic Health and Mindset Practitioner... co-create a class where you will awaken your “pleasure” body by: 

-Exploring your relationship to sexual pleasure (including how it’s been shaped by experience, culture, and barriers).

-Learn ideas to broaden view of pleasure 

-Intended to be fun, interactive, and inclusive.

All while using aromatherapy to awaken all parts of your wild feminine. 



Sunday 1:00pm-3:00pm

Namid Wolf - Live Hip Hop Experience


Namid wolf is a poetess, an emcee, an empathic creative channel speaking often in metaphorical story telling. She bridges the felt and unfelt, the seen and unseen, the healed and unhealed. With the intention that her voice carries a vibration of inspiration, flow, and vulnerability… Activating her listeners to dive into their own creative well and live their heART. She bends genres, with her self proclaimed music style to be called ‘Fairy frolic hip hop’. With a foot in both worlds, she dances with the veil and expresses her raw human experience. Because, why not?


Saturday 11:30pm

Marina Fomchenko - Nerographica Workshop & Closing Ceremony Collab


Marina Fomchenko, originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, is a Vibrational Sound Healer and innovative modern art technology representative. She is an artist and instructor of Nerographica at the Institute of Creative Physiology. Marina has been on a deep journey of finding her sacred tools of healing and has spent the last 20 years in the healing arts, exploring traditional and modern arts, traveling the world, creating art, and healing others.


Friday 3:00pm-5:00pm 


Sunday 6:45pm-8:45pm

Carina Barros - Healing Village


Carina is a multi-task artist, combining the art of observing inside and outside and how they interconnect. She was born in Brazil but considers herself a world citizen.  Fully inspired by nature, she is a life swimmer, a light player.  

Her work as  intuitive therapist integrates ThetaHealing® and Aura reading and she also facilitates Access Consciousness Bars sessions. 

In addition to her healing arts, she has extensive experience in the audiovisual field as a photographer and cinematographer and is currently putting together both paths, expressed through art histories about the human soul.

To know more visit: http://carinabarros.com

See "Info" > "Healers" for descriptions and pricing.

Totem - WilD TriBAl MeDicine Dance


Totem is a Dance Facilitator that has been researching and learning the medicine of dance throughout her life and more in depth in the last few years. She continues to expand and learn through this wild divine wisdom every day. 

WilD TriBAl MeDicine Dance

Saturday 1:00pm-3:00pm

WilD TriBAl MeDicine Dance is a safe container to explore your wild primal self, express your deepest emotions and move/dance through any limitations or walls you've built for yourself throughout your life ~ This is a space to share yourself in ways you haven't before ::: To discover your power, connect to your essence and reclaim your freedom!

Totem will also be offering group and personal guided shamanic dance and voice journeys.

Cheyenne Marie - Live Painting


Cheyenne is a 21-year-old contemporary artist, based in Corvallis, Oregon. Being drawn to the arts from a very young age, Cheyenne has moved from clay projects and arts & crafts as a young child, to ceramics, drawing,  and eventually painting as a young adult. She believes in creating conceptual pieces that generally reflect personal thoughts or experiences; or are solely based around feeling and emotion.

"If there's any wonder on what to expect from a live painting experience, Cheyenne says, "Expect nothing at all...take hold of the moment and live in it."

You can catch Cheyenne's live-painting experience on main stage beginning Saturday evening. Cheyenne's painting will be raffled on Sunday!

Emily Pinheiro - Healing Village


Emily is a Portland based licensed massage therapist, working in the city and living in Hood River. She's been working in chiropractic clinics for the last three years treating sports and auto injuries and chronic conditions. In private practice she combines her deep tissue, muscles specific work with the magic of craniosacral therapy and sound healing. Wherever she is working she brings the intention of deep listening, nourishing Earth energy, and invites the body to heal itself and unwind and arrive in it's own time. Emily is also a proud mama, an aspiring herbalist, and loves the soul expressions of singing and dancing.

See "Info" > "Healers" for descriptions and pricing.

Shannon Tinder - MahaShasta Healing Dome


Shannon Tinder is a Medicine Woman - tender of all life sacred and juicy.   She brings empowerment and heart-centered nourishment to women through somatic bodywork, plant medicine, and kitchen creations. She is passionate about helping women remember their wholeness and perfection.  She shares her gifts in Southern Oregon with her partner at their wellness center - Sacred Living Center, as well through their retreat offerings, and her on-line program Prosperity Tuning.  

Shannon is delighted to be part of the MahaShasta healing dome at Awaken Sacred, love all of you up, and provide a Group Biofield Tuning session during the retreat.

Samantha Keller - Live Kirtan


A lifetime of music and song, somatic and spiritual exploration has brought Samantha to the practice of connecting community and divine consciousness through a modern practice of Kirtan as we understand it in the West.  She loves bridging masculine / feminine energies and honoring the divine through the calling of the names.  She leads inclusive chanting sessions designed to really get the room singing.  Her background is healing work, a lifelong study of music and performance, and over 15 years of sacred sound practice.