Description of Offerings


Awaken Your Pleasure Body - Caylan Wagar & Autumn Benton

Awaken your “pleasure” body by: 

-Exploring your relationship to sexual pleasure (including how it’s been shaped by experience, culture, and barriers)

-Learn ideas to broaden view of pleasure 

-Intended to be fun, interactive, and inclusive

All while using aromatherapy to awaken all parts of your wild feminine. 

Cacao Ceremony - Freedom Ciavarello

"Freedom will be offering cacao ceremony as a catalyst for transformation and a swift super connector for every woman that attends. Cacao is a medicine for the heart and it's magic is truly the arc and apex of the divine feminine's mysterious intuitive healing."

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Crystal Keeper Workshop - Dana Wild

Through your Heart, you will learn to speak clearly with your High Self to access the truth of all things. In this 2-part workshop, Dana will focus on the Energy Body and Crystals, yet this practice is for working in tandem with all beings and elements. Part One will cover activating your energy body, speaking with your High Self & Guides through guided meditation. Dana will discuss communicating with Crystals, and teach Blue Light Clearing and Protection. Part two will cover incorporating Crystals, Crystal Grids, Herbs and Personal Power Symbols. Class is limited to 21 women.

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Dreamer, Awaken (Workshop) - Nikita Pushkareva

We spend so much of our life in dream-time, yet can you ever remember where you went and what you saw? Dreams are our one-on-one visit with the subconscious. So much information, wisdom, and guidance is communicated here. This workshop will offer techniques and tools for deciphering your dreams, navigating and working within the dream realm, as well as bringing those lessons into your daily life. Class is limited to 20 women.

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Energetic Hygiene Exploration - Jaiaen Beck

Are you a caregiver? Your kids, your partner, your families, your friends, the work with which you’ve been called to bless us? How do we stay energetically sovereign when the focus is often pulled to others and distracted by various forces? Developing our energetic hygiene skills is our salvation! Give yourself all the permission you need to take the time and pause. We are the landscapers of our inscape. We are in charge of our innernet. We radiate the energy to protect and heal everything in our domain, but first and foremost, we must be free. Let’s talk!

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Healing the Yoni with Nerographica - Marina Fomchenko

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Herbal Bathing Ritual - Joyelle & Danielle

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Kundalini Yoga - Amy Clem

Liberate your inner goddess with a traditional practice of Kundalini Kriya Yoga then deeply relax into an extended gong bath savasana. At the end of class Johanna Beekman will sing "Long Time Sun", the traditional way to end a Kundalini class.

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MariEl Reiki - Sky Yeager

MariEL is a loving and dynamic feminine energy channeled by Ethel Lombardi, who was a student of Ms. Hawayo Takata’s in Usui Reiki. Every being has access to this energy and the innate inner knowing on how to use it for themselves. Sky will share the MariEL symbols with you along with a description of how to start using them for healing, releasing, protection, and much more. Experience shows that one does not have to be attuned to use the MariEL Symbols. However, if you feel a calling to enter into a deeper relationship with MariEL, receiving an attunement is available. Attunements also have the ability to accelerate the self-healing process.

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Moving Sacred Symbols - Shellece Swaford-Millison

Learn how to use the transforming power of the Sacred Feminine in movement and ritual. We will learn examples of sacred dances from several traditions and then focus on elements and patterns that can be used to bless, invoke, and consecrate in any setting. "The Divine Dancer is ready to manifest as YOU!" 

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Reclaiming Sovereignty with Evolutionary Astrology

As we return to Goddess consciousness as a collective, we must integrate our life purpose for the sake of the Earth and All Our Relations. We've gifted ourselves a star-map to support our process of conscious evolution, healing, soul-integration and alignment. Join Nura to learn about your evolutionary intention through the lens of Pluto and the Lunar Nodes and the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm. Get to know the underlying soul foundation of your astrology chart and how to integrate the medicine of your own being for the sake of our planet.

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The Sacred Unwinding - Tamara McDermott

Guided meditation to amplify heart-womb coherence within. With breathwork, toning, journaling and presence, Tamara takes participants on an inward journey of love and awareness. 

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Shamanic Drum Journey - Sky Yeager

Create sacred space and experience a series of journeys with the intention to connect to helping spirits from the realms of animals, plants and nature beings. Bring a drum or rattle if you have one, but you do not need to have one to participate. A brief introduction will be given at the start for those that have never done a shamanic journey.

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Somatic Movement Meditation - Freedom Ciavarello

"The way in which we inhabit the body space sends a message to the quantum field of awareness either of unbridled trust or of feared consequence. We are in an age of Embodiment with the dawning of a new time. The reclamation of the body as a holy, sacred entity is the first step of many for womben towards self actualization in the Aquarian Age. Join Freedom for a unique exploration of the body thru somatic movement, breathwork, mudra, plant allyship and intention setting. "

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Sonic Journey - Amy Klem

Enter the soul expanding space of Sonic Journey and let the healing waves of sound wash over you.  This immersive sound meditation experience inspires your mind to let go and your energy to flow freely.  Connect with your intuition, melt into meditation, experience dreamlike journeys, and enjoy the deep relaxation that sound healing offers.

Sonic Journey is a receptive experience - all you have to do is show up!  Bring an open heart, an open mind, and some warm layers or a blanket to keep yourself warm and snuggly.

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Tea Meditation - Nikita Pushkareva

A moment to tune in with the magic of the Tea plant - Camelia Sinensis. She is a powerful healer, wise teacher, and a kind friend. May she whisper many secrets to you over this intimate encounter. Classes are limited to 12 women.


Tribal Fusion Bellydance - Shellece Swaford-Millison

An introduction to basic steps, movements, and signals borrowed from Middle Eastern traditions, re-imagined by West Coast Hippie Goddesses, that has now taken the world by storm. Dancers spark and play off of one another in a "follow the leader" (no choreography) format. Come and play!  

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Vata Season Workshop - Erica Harms

Winter season is vata season. Vata is composed of air and ether, so heavier qualities that counter the dry, cold, light qualities of vata are encouraged. It is recommended to lubricate the inside and outside of the body during this season. Join Erica for a hands-on workshop that will introduce the body treatments of nasya (oiling the nose and face) and abhyanga (lymphatic drainage for the body).

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Wild Tea from the Forrest - Nikita Pushkareva

Drop in and connect with the medicine of the land directly through the plants all around you. We will be making an herbal brew (forrest-tea) and learning about some of the common plants in the area by sitting with them.  *Please bring a teacup. Class is limited to 20 women.

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Yin Yoga - Kelsey Elliott

Yin yoga stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body. The aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility as the poses stretch and exercise the bone and joint areas. The yin practice provides an opportunity to observe, nurture, soothe, and calm ourselves, allowing self compassion to blossom.

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