"A truly beautiful container for sisterhood..."

"Joyelle and Danielle work so well as a team bringing Alchemy in Action to life. They're able to completely transform an everyday space into something so magical and sacred. A truly beautiful container for sisterhood. Women come together in these spaces and feel empowered, safe, inspired, and loved. Their ceremonies give me perspective, a new awakening, a feeling of rebirth and gratitude for life. These gatherings are rich with community prayers and blessings that bring me closer to my divine being and gets me in touch with my truth. I leave each ceremony with a full heart, an uplifted shift in consciousness and a higher frequency overall. The experience they provide is truly alchemy in action." ~Indigo D.

"Bringing back the art of ceremony..."

"I attended a Full Moon circle organized by Joyelle and Danielle, two amazing women in my town who are bringing back the art of ceremony. They had rugs, mats and pillows of every color arranged on the grass for the circle. The altar was set up on one side with rattles, drums, and sacred herbs. As the ceremony started and a shamana sang a sacred welcoming song, I looked at the gathering of about 30 women and felt the strong invisible web that we created. We were the weavers of our community, teachers, students, moms, grandmothers. Then I could see us in a birds-eye perspective woven together with all the other people coming together in ceremony all over the planet for the full moon, creating our web of light. Creating ceremony can be hard work. It's not only just the planning, it takes a devoted energy to hold the sacred space for everyone to come together. I am grateful that I know people who value ceremony, and have the skills, the heart and respect for the joyful work they take on to feed the spirit of our community." ~Susan Y.

"A transformative experience..."

"Every Alchemy in Action ceremony I have attended has been a transformative experience. Every one has marked a pivotal turning point on my path. The sacred container Danielle and Joyelle curate is something that doesn't translate well into words. The love they infuse into every aspect of the ceremony is tangible. To be there is to be held in the embrace of the grandmothers and sisters, and empowered to manifest our own highest good." ~LauraBeth F.